The Three Types Of Sugar Babies

Check out the three types of millionaire sugar daddies

exploring the different types of sugar babies

In my experiences there are three types of Sugar Babies. I’m not making a judgment on which type of sugar baby you should want if you’re a millionaire sugar daddy interested in a mutually beneficial relationship. I’m just letting you know what to expect.

Sugar Baby Type 1: The Professional

Don’t worry guys… I don’t mean that kind of professional. I just mean that theses are the kinds of Sugar Babies who know exactly what they’re looking for when they browse sugar daddy personals. They view being a sugar baby like it’s a job. And they’re looking for rich benefactors who will support them in their profession.

If you’re worried about a professional sugar baby being cold and indifferent, that’s not the case at all. Professional sugar babies are great at being sugar babies. If you’re worth a million bucks, they know exactly how to make you feel like a million bucks.

Sugar Baby Type 2: The Sean Connery

While some sugar babies try to find wealthy older men to serve as rich benefactors, others young girls simply prefer more mature men. And can you blame them? If you were a girl, would you rather have some jocky frat boy treating you like an object and making you go halfsies on all your dates, or would you rather have a mature, kind, sensitive older man who can pamper you and worship you?

I call these types of sugar babies “The Sean Connery” because… well… they’re tired of frat boys. They want a Sean Connery.

Sugar Baby Type 3: The Arm Candy

Some girls are simply hot. They know it. We know it. Everyone knows it. When you get a smokin’ hot girl who wants to be a sugar baby, she’s generally the type of sugar baby meant to be shown off. You bring her to fancy events. You wine and dine her. And you savor every minute with her not because she’s the love of your life, but because she’s simply beautiful.

That’s not to say the other types of sugar babies aren’t hot. But we all know there’s a difference between a hot girl and a gorgeous woman. And if you’re a smart sugar daddy, you call up the gorgeous sugar baby when you need to make an impression.

Editor’s note: If you thought this was interesting you should check out our list of sugar baby types.

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