Sugar Daddy Dating for Christian Louboutins

The first time I ever laid eyes on those red-soled pumps, my heart raced in a fury. Women date financially wealthy men for a whole shoe (haha) of reasons, Christian Louboutins are mine.

After returning from a trip with *William, my tech mogul sugar daddy, we visited Saks Fifth Avenue to see what we could see!

*Not his real name

Trips to Saks make me swoon, my knees get shaky and I’m over loaded with the sights and aromas of unadulterated style.

The shoes though, you know what I mean sugar babies, the shoes are the real way to my heart… There, nicely displayed, layered and stacked on the center table were the iconic red-soled Christian Louboutins! William and I strolled over to that well-lit collection and got comfortable. I tried on nearly every available style in my size, strutting around the store for nearly an hour before finding and settling on my coveted first pair! Expensive? Oh my, thank god my sugar daddy carries his black American Express wherever he goes, this purchase required a status-savvy credit card if ever there was one!

Dating sugar daddies has its benefits, no health insurance or a 401k, but those red-soles are soooooo good for the soul! Christian Louboutin is a genius! First releasing his creations in a 1992 shoe collection, he was revered for his panache and idyllic piece de resistance…according to me anyway.

This blog is just a quick note to thank the great Christian Louboutin for all his beautiful artistic objects of my desire, the apple of my eye.

Some sugar babies want to be taken on trips, want an allowance, crave spa treatments, or need their bills paid. I’m a working girl, I make a living, all I need is a little bit of Christian Louboutin from my sugar daddy… I’m Jus’ Sayin’

Make it a financial arrangement

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3 Comments to Sugar Daddy Dating for Christian Louboutins

  1. Sugar Daddy's Gravatar Sugar Daddy
    11/23 at 7:01 PM | Permalink

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