Sugar Baby Rules to Live By

I get asked on a daily basis about the ins and outs of sugar daddy dating; how sugar babies should act, when to bring up the subject of money, what to wear, and whether or not to sleep with (ooh la-la) their sugar daddy. Of the many inquires, I have composed a list of rules every sugar baby should know. Notice how I didn’t say: “should follow”… As every sugar baby knows, some rules were just made to be broken, so if you don’t follow them to a “T”, I think you’ll be just fine…Enjoy!

  1. You are the mistress of your own sugar voyage, take charge.
  2. Act in every sugar role like you’ll win an Emmy, and like it’s your last.
  3. Don’t call, don’t text, and never show up unwarranted by your sugar daddy.
  4. Emphatically say “yes” to trips, gifts, allowance, and monies in general. Or at the very least, learn to quickly.
  5. Always look your best, whether you’re grocery shopping, working out, or sleeping… (Hey- you never know if a hot burglar will interrupt your slumber)
  6. Falsies are king! (Eyelashes that is…ahem)
  7. Let your sugar daddy teach you something of quantified value (Or pretend to let him if you “know it all” already)
  8. Understand and live by the notion that there are enough sugar daddy matches out there for you not to put up with subpar treatment.
  9. Know your way around manual transmissions and fine automobiles in general (Or learn fast). You never know when you’ll be asked to take the wheel, in which you should leave a lasting impression, and a little rubber as well!!
  10. Invest in yourself…your looks…your health…your well being…and your future! It will ALWAYS pay off!

I’m Jus’ Sayin’


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Actual gifts from our Sugar Daddies

  • Sugar Daddy giftTooSpoiled writes: Diamond watch from Mr. World Traveler.
  • Sugar Daddy giftSugarCookie writes: Christmas present from my sugar daddy, a diamond tennis bracelet with diamond earrings.
  • Sugar Daddy giftLatinMama writes: My first sugar baby purchase, Gucci Purse!
  • Sugar Daddy giftHotbod writes: I love Birthday's, Louis Vuitton and purse from Mr. Beemer.
  • Sugar Daddy giftChocolatelove writes: One of my many shopping sprees with my sugar daddy, Christian Louboutin and a diamond necklace.
  • Sugar Daddy giftSweetness69 writes: All I have to say is I love being a sugar baby!

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