New Sugar Baby Students, Listen Up!

Listen up all you new sugar babies! The concensus is that you need help getting started, and I am just the girl for you…. I have been a sugar baby for quite a while, and I know what pot SD’s need… sugar daddy present

Okay… Let’s just start from the beginning, what do you want? Now don’t jump the gun and start rattling off all of the “things” you want, not yet..We are not there yet… What do you want to get out of the experience of dating a sugar daddy?

Sugar daddy dating can mean different things to everyone, but I don’t care about everyone, I care about you… So, are you a sugar baby that is married or in a relationship and you just want to play a little on the side, get what you’re not gettin at home? OR…Maybe you are a single mom with not a lot of free time to do the traditional “dating” thing and go on formal dates? OR… you might be the type of sugar baby who wants a long term sugar daddy, who wishes to ride into the sunset…under the rainbow…with all the diamonds in the world on your fingers… Which ever type of sugar baby you are or want to be, MAKE IT KNOWN…..

That is the very first thing that you need to do sugar babies; have a sit-down with yourself and figure it out. If you “don’t know” what it is that you want, then you may not be that successful at sugar daddy dating. Actually, any kind of dating for that matter..if you don’t know what you want, then you won’t find what you need, because who knows what you’re looking for?

Let’s not make this some sort of convoluted querry. I am asking you a solid question and I will not move ahead to the rest of the story until you figure it out.

Listen, I cannot actually help you new sugar babies unless you want to help yourself.. I cannot go out on your dates for you (Nor do you want me to, because the SD’s love me) I cannot literally hold your hand and lead through the process of sugar daddy dating.. It doesn’t work like that.

I am here to help…and we will move on to more new sugar baby how to’s once you marinade in what kind of sugar baby you are….alright? Fine… I’m jus sayin

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4 Comments to New Sugar Baby Students, Listen Up!

  1. Wannabe SB (Nicole)'s Gravatar Wannabe SB (Nicole)
    08/21 at 2:01 PM | Permalink

    I’m the type of sugar baby who knows what she’s looking for in a sugar daddy and who plans to be the best sugar baby she can be for the lucky sugar daddy’s who choice her. I will be devoted to making my sugar daddies happy in any way I can, in exchange for them supporting me in developing myself, enjoying my life and helping me to live very comfortably. I’m the type of sugar baby who wants to stay true to herself but do things to improve on what I’ve already got. I’m defiantly fed up with immature guys who take me for granted and treat me bad. I’m looking for a man who will treat me like a lady and show me respect, kindness and honesty.

    I’m a single student at the moment, and right know what I want from a sugar daddy relationship is to have fun and enjoy myself. I want a sugar daddy to have new fun experience with, who will treat me like a princess, who will financially support me so I can develop myself, enjoy life to the fullest and live very comfortably.

    In the future, when I’ve finished my education, what I want from a sugar daddy relationship is a husband. I want a kind, sweet, honest man who loves me and wants to spend the rest of his life with me, settle down, have a family, enjoy each other, and grow old together. I’m the type of woman that loves the idea of having lots of kids, a husband, a home, which to me is bliss.


    If this is in response to my e-mail, thank you, this is exactly the type of stuff I was looking for, and I hope you keep posting.

    • Blackbarbienc's Gravatar Blackbarbienc
      08/26 at 2:38 AM | Permalink

      I am no rookie at being a Sugarbaby. I can spot a fake Sugardaddy from a mile away. As a sugarbaby, you have to know what it is you need out of a relationship. First of all, you need to realize that it is a mutal relationship. How can you satify your sugardady? How can your sugardaddy satisfy you? First of all, let’s make it clear that on your first meeting if it gets that far, you need to make sure you both are compatible. First date should being going out for a drink or something along that line. He may find you boring or you may find him boring. With that being the case, “NEXT”! Yes keep it moving. As far as your profile goes, you need to be straight up honest about what it is you are seeking and wanting. Stick to it and never compromise. Beware of those that want to get off by sending erotic emails back and forth, or wanting you to send Nude Pics. Never let your guard down. If you feel like he is a Fraud, wanna be, than he definitely is. We sugarbabies need to follow our gut instincts. Prime example someone, on this site contact me and in less than a second, a found out he was a fake and into BDSM on my own observation. He is by far a “MASTER” in the BDSM. Indeed, a sugarbaby hater! Well, I was correct! I did not even met him face to face, yet to figure that out. Do not and I must say this again, keep your eyes open and your ears to the ground, do not be fooled by imposters.

  2. Wannabe SB (Nicole)'s Gravatar Wannabe SB (Nicole)
    08/22 at 12:38 PM | Permalink

    just as a sugestion, but I’d really like to know how to write a good profile, theres one for sugar daddies, what about us wannabe sugar babbies, we’d like some help to

    • Blackbarbienc's Gravatar Blackbarbienc
      08/26 at 2:52 AM | Permalink

      What do want? expensive gifts, shopping sprees, allowance, spa treatment. What kind of pampering do YOU want? “Men wanna get laid and Women wanna get paid aka pampered and yes we love the concept of making love too.” Never ever give up your cooch to just anyone. I don’t understand how a woman can think that she has to give it up to a man, to keep a man on a first encounter. Respect yourself!!! That is a definite “NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!!!” Some people want one nite stands! A real Sugarbaby never ever ever ever do one night stands! Never ever ever let a “sugardaddy” tell you I need to see how you are in bed first before I decide! First of all you better spoil my azzzzz and excuse my french….you better spoil my azzzzz like crazy before I give you any on those terms!! You better wear a rubber on top of all that. The sugardaddies that I have dealt with in the pass or not blantly open to even make a comment like that. They want to know if they can trust you. If that was the case of just seeing how your stuff is, than they can get a prostitue, escort, ect… Every woman got the same hole..okay. Real Sugardaddies love intimacy, but on the same token they want to make sure you are not sleeping with every tom dick and harry. Yes, it is definitely true! Would you want to be with a person that sleeps with everything that breathes.

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