Need a Date for Mistress Day?

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, (for those of you living under a rock or in Delaware, Valentine’s Day is the hallmark holiday that supplies enough chocolate and gooey-feeling fodder to make most men puke) perhaps you’d rather spend time with someone you actually like the day before V-Day, Mistress Day.

Typically, men are pigeon-holed into spending oodles of dough for the February 14th V-day event on the woman in their life, whether they are smitten or not. Mistress Day, on February 13th, provides an exciting alternative for men to appreciate the women they have actual love for, their mistresses! Now before I excuse you for your wavering attention and disgust, let me simply explain the current role of the mistress in our society: The mistress is just a strong woman who gets her way. Sometimes she dates married men, which is of no consequence to her. More often than not, though, her role is to take control of situations with men whom she spends her time. If she wants attention, affection, adoration or gifts, then she damn well get it!

Mistress Day is quite a departure from Valentine’s Day, save for the fact that they are so close in proximity by date.

Valentine’s Day is for schlubs who give into the cookie-cutter cards and stale chocolate which tastes slightly similar to the faux guilded cardboard box it comes in. The redundantly boring schlubs who buy into, rather cheaply I might add, Valentine’s Day spend it whorishly with their schlubish wives. They slubishly watch rubbish tv shows like “Two and a Half Men” on separate, but just as ugly and drab, couches. One schlub falls asleep with plastic-like chocolate stuck in between incisors and molars, begging to be brushed, impending decay an afterthought. Such is the life of a schlub on Valentine’s Day.

Mistress Day is for the sugar baby who wants it all, and the sugar daddies who can provide it all. This holiday celebrates the most beautiful and powerful sexual prowess’s and their male admirers. The mistress doesn’t expect or strong arm a sugar daddy into lavishing her with extraneous gifts or experiences. She understands the power and sexual control she possesses and uses it wisely. Her life does not revolve around any man, men revolve around her. Sugar daddies fumble trying to gain her affections, showering her with as much as they can afford. They want to give everything to their mistress, the one they really love, because she doesn’t expect it and is humbled by appreciation. To set himself apart from the other SD’s vying for her attention, money is no object, and they all try to out-do each other, the result? A win-win for the mistress, who gets to have her sugar and eat it too.

Whether or not a sugar daddy has a mistress is of no concern to me, let’s instead focus on the facts surrounding V-Day:

  1. Most men dread Valentine’s Day (obviously)
  2. Most married men dread having to spend Valentine’s Day with their wives, especially if they are seeing other women
  3. Most sugar babies choose a life outside the box of social norms, preferring not to celebrate an average holiday like Valentine’s Day
  4. Men like to be appreciated and usually get jack-squat on V-Day… not to be confused with VD-Day, which, as you can imagine is probably not a fun holiday either
  5. Men crave affection, adoration, and respect… all of which are forgotten on V-Day
  6. Men love women who give back… almost as much as they love women who have little in the middle but they got much back
  7. Women love men who get back to them for holidays…and who can get back behind them to do the dirty deeds

So, that said, need a date for Mistress Day? You’ve come to the right place my friends, I’ve got something in store for you.

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