Discussing Arrangements with a Sugar Daddy – When?

I receive emails from sugar babies daily, and one of the reoccurring questions that I get is, “When should I approach the subject of arrangements or money with my sugar daddy?”

Sometimes we are scared to bring up the subject of the said arrangement in sugar daddy dating. When that becomes the case, when nobody brings it up from the get-go, it can steer the relationship into awkward confusion before someone actually approaches the subject (phew)… The unfortunate part of that moment is there was probably too much time lapsed, then it can seem and feel as if you are breaking up with a significant other, confusing and futile.

Ideally, sugar daddies and babies are on the same page from the start, only touching on the subject shortly, which allows the happy couple to get back to enjoying each other’s company. Ha! If it were only that easy!

The traditional role of the sugar daddy is to provide financial security, where as the sugar baby brings the exuberant youth and charm.  Because of the role each plays, it’s only fitting that the sugar baby verbalizes she wants something of monetary value from her sugar daddy.

The best-case scenario if you, the sugar baby, are going to approach the subject of an arrangement and details is to vocalize your needs during the first meet and greet. Now when you go to make plans with your sugar daddy for that occasion, have the first meeting take place at a location that you can escape from easily. This may include pre-dinner drinks, coffee, or afternoon snack at a local eatery. Most sugar daddies are gentlemen who will want your suggestion, so make use of that opportunity.

When you are at the selected location to meet your potential sugar daddy, after you’ve ordered your drink and finished the small-talk, is when you can insert the topic of conversation, “the arrangement”. Segue the conversation by recounting which website you met through (you may need to remind them that you met on a sugar daddy website) and you just want to make sure you are on the same page as him. This is when you can ask him what kind of experience he is wanting from sugarsugar.com, what kind of woman he wants to spend time with, how often, in what capacity, and under what circumstances. And depending on his answer, you can tailor your response.

Let your SD say his piece, acknowledge what he’s looking for (this requires that you listen, not speak sugar babies), then tell him why you want to be his sugar baby. Explain to him what you ultimately want from this experience, both short and long-term (this is different for every sugar baby), and feel free to insert a dollar amount to quantify the cost of what you want, school, rent, bills, etc..

By the by, before the face to face encounter, you should know the cost of what you want, the actual dollar amount, not a vague ethereal idea.

For example: I would like to continue going to school to better myself and give back, but I would need $5500 this semester in order to do so.

Just like that, everything can be out in the open, done… If the conversation turns uncomfortable after that, then you both can go your separate ways. It’s like this: you can either come to an understanding and move forward with this sugar daddy, or, realize you both want different things, which is completely normal, and avoid uncomfortable interaction and wasted time.

I’m jus’ sayin’

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