Are You a Good Sugar Baby Candidate?

Who makes a good sugar baby candidate?

According to sugar daddies that I have had experience with over the years, it seems like in order for there to be a mutually beneficial relationship, sugar daddies want to help young women who are aspiring to do more and be more…

A self-proclaimed student for life, sugar daddies has been drawn to my thirst for knowledge and direction. Who better to learn from then a self-made sugar daddy millionaire? College courses cannot teach that kind of je ne sais quoi that you could learn by simply spending quality time with a sugar daddy.

There are plenty of women I interact with who would have been great sugar babies, they are successful, beautiful, strong, and sweet as pie.  We all come from somewhere, whether it’s from nothing or nothing to speak of, there’s always room to grow, be more than you are, and learn more than you know.

Even if you plan on taking over the world, like I do, you cannot do it by yourself! That’s the beauty of taking something from each and every situation that you will ever be in. Dating sugar daddies, starting businesses (and failing in the interim), having children, working a nine-to-five, or working the third shift, there are an infinite amount of experiences to learn something great from, so take what you can! If you are just getting by with your children in-tow, step it up, learn from available sugar daddies how to do more for yourself (him helping a little or a lot)! If you’re in school or want to be, seek out sugar daddies who will show you the ropes, ultimately enabling you to better yourself, and in-turn,  bettering the world as they themselves have done.

Actively pursuing anything of value or worth is worth its weight in gold to most sugar daddies… They want a young woman who is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed about the successes they themselves have had. I once dated a sugar daddy who disclosed all the inner workings of his sales force and profit margins while we were away on vacation. I always cheered on his top salesmen who, by having more than 100k in sales in a month, would prompt my SD to purchase a new gift for me…It was the best form of business positive reinforcement I had ever experienced! Everybody won!!

So whatever makes you tick, sets you apart from the droves of sugar babies out there, shed light on that in your profiles, message some sugar daddies who seem to have it made…You could learn a lot from them!


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Actual gifts from our Sugar Daddies

  • Sugar Daddy giftTooSpoiled writes: Diamond watch from Mr. World Traveler.
  • Sugar Daddy giftSugarCookie writes: Christmas present from my sugar daddy, a diamond tennis bracelet with diamond earrings.
  • Sugar Daddy giftLatinMama writes: My first sugar baby purchase, Gucci Purse!
  • Sugar Daddy giftHotbod writes: I love Birthday's, Louis Vuitton and purse from Mr. Beemer.
  • Sugar Daddy giftChocolatelove writes: One of my many shopping sprees with my sugar daddy, Christian Louboutin and a diamond necklace.
  • Sugar Daddy giftSweetness69 writes: All I have to say is I love being a sugar baby!

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