10 Ways to Snag a Generous Sugar Daddy

With all the bustling and holiday cheer, I thought I’d give you the gift of some sound advice on how you sugar babies can snag a generous sugar daddy for your very own! (Buyer beware: This advice WILL work if adhered to…so be ready for the outcome)

1. Learn to LOVE thyself.

I’m not referring to narcissism (not a real personality disorder anymore anyway) or cockiness, which are both easily displayed and unwanted— I’m speaking about the manner in which you ultimately treat yourself… If it’s with love, then you are asking and deserving of people treating you the same and that’s HOT!

2. Learn to say “NO”

Say “NO” more times than you say “yes”—I’m serious babies… Nothing says “cheap whore” better than a cheap whore does. If you become a yes-woman, you become a loose goose… am I right or am I right?

3. Put yourself in the way.

Whether you “accidentally” stand in the path of some unbeknownst sugar daddy warmly smiling with an apology when he bumps into you, or stop a SD somewhere to ask him if you met before, if you cause a SD to pause and really look at you, there’s a better ‘chance’ of that leading into more conversation.

Oops, excuse me! No, excuse me…

4. Get out of the way.

If you want to win the heart of a married sugar daddy, DO NOT INTERFERE with his ‘other’ life—the risk of him losing his family is enough to lose your number, trust me. He will respect and appreciate the space you give him, usually causing an influx of adoration and attention.

5. Treat him like honey (not vinegar).

Like the complex symbiotic relationship between bees and honey, treating your SD like honey shows a genuine liking for him outside of any ‘transaction’ he could otherwise have. No one, sugar daddy or not, likes to be treated as some harsh chemical, your nose wincing from the odor as you try to get that shit away from you.

6. Have self-value and be busy.

If a SD has ever been married before, chances are he’s all too familiar with women who stay at home while he’s at work, women who are eager to spend HIS hard-earned money with indifference, and women who really add no value to society… (Note: SD’s usually don’t get to where there at by sitting on their asses at home, keeping up with the latest reality show and The Jones’s. How boring is a SB if recounting TV shows and purchases is all she can add to a conversation about her day?)

7. Keep drama to a minimum.

We all like a little passion, but being heavy-handed with the amount of drama you add to your life can be off-putting to SD’s. If they own their own business, run one, or manage a lot of employees, chances are they are at capacity in the amount of drama they can deal with. After a long day at the office, full of inherent catty biddies and politics, SD’s deserve some R & R—you would too.

8. Enjoy any time spent with your SD.

Needs are not met by demands and expectations. If you do not make the most out of and enjoy your time with your SD, it shows that you don’t really value him or his time, and you will get nothing little girl. The best SD relationships have NO DEMANDS, EXPECTATIONS, and are not TAKEN FOR GRANTED. (Note: For every generous SD is a line of bitches behind you who would gladly take your spot for a few hours)

9. Quell that “desperation” devil within you.

Have you ever seen a desperate SB? Here’s what that looks like:

(Note: Take notice of the apparent stress-induced crazed look in her eyes. Her knuckles are probably white and her palms sweaty because she wants to get them on a SD’s $$$ like, ASAP, like yesterday already!!) I mean, is that attractive? Umm…No! Hello! Even if you in some dire place financially, snuff that desperate fire that burns!

Whoa, that is one desperate bitch!

10.  Live like it’s the last day of your life!

Nobody likes a Debbie-downer to boo-hoo fun stuff! Travelling to new places, experimenting with different cuisines, and experiencing non-vanilla sex are all part of living an exciting life full of sugar and spice and everything nice! Be open to the next unexpected moment, you just never know where it may take you!

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