on “The Doctors”

For those of you who missed it, was featured in a segment on The Doctors starring Jillian Michaels. Yes, that’s me, Paul Madison. No, I don’t normally wear makeup. on The Doctors with Jillian Michaels

Of course, they cut a lot out. My favorite part was when I first walked out and Jillian stated, “Wow, you don’t look at all like a pimp.” Was she expecting me to pull up in a Cadillac with a diamond-tipped cane?

Overall, they were surprisingly supportive of the sugar daddy lifestyle. For someone in my position, walking onto a daytime television show is basically throwing myself to the lions, but the hosts generally “got it”, and I might have even made a few converts in the crowd.

You can view the clip here: SugarSugar on The Doctors. is now 100% FREE for Sugar Babies

100% free sugar daddy dating with no credit cardBig changes are afoot at SugarSugar. Many of you girls have already noticed that it’s now completely free to email Sugar Daddies. I did this for two reasons:

1) Why should you have to pay money to find a wealthy man? You’re the prize, afterall. They should be paying to meet you.

2) I get to cherry pick my favorite girls as soon as they join. A little selfish? Sure. But the reason I started this site was to meet more Sugar Babies, not make money from them. Hell, it’s the opposite — I want to spend money on them.100% free no credit card needed sugar daddy dating

So let all your girlfriends know that is now 100% free — no credit card, no checking account verification, no sneaky trials like on other *ahem* SD dating sites I could mention. F-R-E-E. That’s right you can have your own sugar daddy personal or sugar baby person for free with no credit card required – many sugar daddy sites claim to be free sugar daddy dating sites, but we are the real deal – 100% free – we aren’t even accepting credit cards right now!!

Also, I’ve got room for another Sugar Baby around Scottsdale, AZ, who’d be interested in accompanying me on big nights out on the town. If you’re interested, you can email me personally at, or, of course, find me on the site.

Top Sugar Dating Hot Spots

Where are the best hot spots to get a Sugar date? The types of places vary by area and likeness. Some sugar hot spots are seemingly hole-in-the-wall joints, while others reek of wealth that can be sensed miles away.

If there’s one thing a Sugar Daddy likes more than women, its money, so when he’s face down in his tuna tartar, stock thoughts scrolling on ticker tape over his lunch break, he won’t be looking up at you.

Our niche dating site,, where “romance meets finance,” announces the “Top Sugar Dating Hot Spots” in ten cities across the country. Uncovered in each of our top markets, compiled through online polling and responses via this blog, as well as member feedback, this list will help guide sugar daters to the right place at the right time, helping singles make that first connection with someone who could literally be the girl or guy next door.

Drum roll please….and the winners are:

Los Angeles – The Chateau Marmont

LA is known for flaunting its wealth and its women, and is a hot spot for industry execs, celebrity mingling, and some of the sexiest women and most generous men in the world. The landmark Chateau Marmont has long been known as the place celebs go to be bad, and visitors and partygoers alike tend to follow suit.

New York – Rose Bar

Few New York hot spots manage to stay that way, but this swanky lounge at the Gramercy Park Hotel has stood the test of time, and has been attracting the rich and famous for the past five years. Dress to impress and pray someone buys you that $20 cocktail.

Scottsdale – Ocean Club

Well heeled patrons flock to Mastro’s Ocean Club for the lavish food, service and ambiance. Splurge on dinner or head to the bar which features a scene of beautiful women, businessmen, casual couples and cougars galore.

Dallas – Rattlesnake Bar

Located inside the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, this bar’s patrons are a mixture of old money and new, and is frequented by athletes and businessmen. Don’t worry ladies, the valet is free, so put on your best duds and pull in proudly behind the Porches and Maseratis.

Miami – The Delano Hotel

There’s no place in South Beach quite like the Delano, and if you’re in need of a sugar daddy, The Delano is your best bet. Hosting rich men and beautiful women is the signature of the Rose Bar at this glamorous Miami landmark – which offers a quiet and elegant atmosphere in the midst of the frantic Miami nightlife.

Chicago – East Bank Club

A favorite of Chicago politicians, eager women and deep pocketed businessmen, this club is made for working up a sweat in the gym rather than the dance floor. However, with three bars – including a poolside lounge – there’s plenty of time for the beautiful people to mingle after their cardio.

Las Vegas – Bellagio Hotel

Though it’s not very hard to find a rich guy in the most money hungry city in the world, you’ll have the best luck at one of the many bars and lounges of Las Vegas’ landmark hotel – the Bellagio. Renowned for hosting the richest of the rich, the hotel’s Fontana Bar, Caramel, and Baccarat Bar are hot spots for finding a sugar date.

Houston – Vic & Anthony’s Steakhouse

With a combination of delectable food and beautiful ultra-contemporary decor, this posh eatery is heavily frequented by an attractive influential crowd. Hit the bar at happy hour to mingle with the post-work crowd, who aren’t in the middle of a business meeting.

Atlanta – Lumen at The Ritz-Carlton

Downtown Atlanta’s premier business address and luxurious oasis in the heart of the city houses the renowned lobby bar, Lumen. Serving up signature cocktails with live Jazz, Latin and Flamenco music, Lumen is a great place to spot sexy, wealthy singles after office hours.

Denver – Hotel Teatro

Located in downtown Colorado, this boutique hotel offers exquisite accommodations for the business traveler, and features they city’s only four-star, four-diamond restaurant by award-winning Chef and Restaurateur Devin Taylor. Want to catch a glimpse of wealth from around the world? Head over to Breckenridge Ski Resort to mingle with the old money on the slopes.

For more information about, or for interview requests, please feel free to contact me.

10 Things to Consider When Hugh Hefner is Your SD

Ahhh the beauty of celebrity sugar daddy breakups. She said this, he said that– and what happens?

The young and saddened sugar baby walks away with a very large void. A void large enough to fit a Bentley, dog, and $90k engagement ring, which to date, the sugar baby also had the pleasure of taking with her. Who are the saps who went through this? Why, none other than Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris of course!

This got me thinking– what if Hugh was my sugar daddy, or what if he was yours? Would I run too like Crystal Harris did? Probably. But if I didn’t, these would be 10 things to consider if he was my sugar daddy.

10 Things to Consider When Hugh Hefner is Your SD:

10. He may lock you in a basement.

Now this hasn’t been confirmed, but I can tell you if you’re 25 and he’s 85, your hot ass is not going to see the light of day, and just where can you find a lack of daylight? A basement.

9. Bedtime is 8pm, and wake-up is 4am.

Seniors, huh, always early to bed and early to rise! Think your inner clock can handle that?

8. Get used to Cary Grant films.

I once dated a SD who was only 25 years older than me and I watched enough black and white films to de-colorize my life more than I could handle. Colorless entertainment only seems good in small doses.

7. Hugh is not a drug you’ll be addicted to.

Some SDs draw you in with their distinction and manly smell where you’ll want to be around them as much as possible. Others, like Hugh, often have grey pubes and saggy balls. NOT the kind of saggy balls you want in your mouth… or your hand.

6. Pray to the Gods that you’re not allergic to silk.

One thing Hugh is always dressed in, surrounded by, and laying on? You guessed it, silk. Silk sheets, bath towels, paisley slippers and robes—yuck! Like nails to a chalkboard, silk is almost as offensive.

5. Ancient strains of dormant STDs.

As long as Hugh has been “the man”, he’s had and will continue to have, ANY woman. Don’t be surprised if the first STD that ever was, is graciously bestowed upon you. Is it a coincidence that the bunnies are always keeping it in the family there at the mansion? Once a bunny, always a bunny.

4. Long walks on the beach —I mean short strolls to the backyard.

Healthy for his age doesn’t mean healthy for YOUR age. You need to move, get out, spread your wings and fly!! Not going to happen if you live at the mansion, I mean—you’re in a basement, remember?

3. Know how to make a mean bowl of oatmeal.

What, you think bacon, eggs and moons over my hammy frequent the Hef’s breakfast du jour? Eh, eh—not in that age range girlie. It’s breaky sans salt, fat or flavor. Steel cut home made oatmeal is probably what the doctor ordered. So c’est la vie to gourmet breakfast in bed.

2. Learn how to read.

I know, I know—“read?” you say? Well, in a word, yes. Bid on some vintage Hooked on Phonics from Ebay (worked for me), start from the beginning and work your way up to Animal Farm, a 10th grade read. The thing is, if you can’t go anywhere because Hugh has you in the basement and you guys are having a quiet evening at home, what is a girl to do? Eat?—No, no, no… you just can’t do that! Try reading, you never know, it might be *enjoyable!

*not a guarantee

1. Hire an attorney.

Using the allowance Hugh gives you, hire your very own attorney in the event that you decide to marry each other. You’ll want to walk away with more than a Bentley, ring and dog if things don’t work out.

Have You Ever Been a Mistress?

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Dear Mr Weiner’s Weiner

June 6, 2011

Dear Mr. Weiner’s Weiner,

While we know it’s been a hard day and your boss will likely pull out of the mayoral race, it has come to our attention that your celebrity status is on the rise.  You’re only inches away from stardom, and as the most famous bulge in America, we can think of no one better to head our spokesperson campaign.  We thought long and hard about this decision, and have come to the conclusion that it would be in our best interest to extend an offer and declare Weiner’s Weiner the talking head for, to share your brains, prowess and chutzpah with our users. Not to mention your no strings attached sugar daddy approach.

We’re not going to beat around the bush — is a dating website that connects financially-established men with women interested in the “sugar” lifestyle. Sugar Sugar aims to facilitate mutually rewarding relationships between “Sugar Daddy” and “Sugar Baby” members, and with over 40 million Americans accessing online dating websites every month, Sugar Sugar offers qualified members something sweeter.

To be clear, we’re not just looking for another figure head, we’re looking for someone, a rich sugar daddy, who truly embodies the spirit of, as is apparent by your lust for younger women on the internet.  At the same time, we’re looking for someone who is level-headed and will refrain from blowing their load amidst the harsh lights of the media circus your picture has aroused. will offer you $50,000, but you can feel free to lie about the size of your paycheck.  We’re happy to stuff your pockets, and this will be the easiest money you’ll ever come by.  We would love for you to Tweet about our website as well, however long it may take for you to type 140 characters with the one finger hunt and peck method…

We need a firm answer by the stroke of midnight; otherwise, we’ll be forced to give you the shaft and instead extend our offer to Plaxico Burress, who we’ve heard also prefers to keep a loaded pistol in the crotch of his pants.

We look forward to your response.


Paul Madison


Enjoying the Sugar Daddy Lifestyle since 2009

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What is the Sugar Daddy Lifestyle?

The sugar daddy lifestyle is not always full of luxuriousness and extravagance.

It’s neither full of prostitutes or call-girls.

A real sugar daddy is not always a “rich sugar daddy”, sometimes he’s humble, hard-working, and has a little bit of extra cash to spend on a special lady friend each month. It’s not far from the conventional dating world, it just has a cute name.

The sugar daddy lifestyle doesn’t always consist of lies which need to be fact-checked. It can be a very honest way of life, since the question of personal finance is already on the table. In-fact, there are no precursors to having the “money” conversation even on the first date.

Here are 10 exciting and enviable traits of the sugar daddy lifestyle:

10. Your sugar baby calls you a “Rich Sugar Daddy”, even if you’re far from it. Hey, it wins you points with her available friends.

9. You have to start adding creative physical traits to your contact list. You can only have so many Nicoles and Laurens before you have to get really specific with each one.

8. Your dance card is always full, even if you don’t want it to be. These girls are hungry and they want you, like, now!

7. The ladies finally understand what a “No String Attached Sugar Daddy” is, no awkward explanation necessary.

6. You are Aloof for the first time in your miserable life, kudos.

5. You get to use the word “no” for once, or twice… You don’t want to double-book sugar babies!

4. Your most annoying personality quirks are now the object of sugar baby’s desires. Don’t question it, just bask in it.

3. You answer more commonly to The Most Interesting Man in the World than even The Most Interesting Man in the World does, now that’s something!

2. Your attire has increasingly become more dapper than you ever dreamed it could. It’s okay to notice those things :)

1. You adhere to the strict “sugar daddy code” that was set eons before you. No, you cannot talk about the “sugar daddy code”. If you don’t know what the “sugar daddy code” is, ask your mom.

Think you have what it takes to become the next great sugar daddy? Tell it to the droves of women who adorn the pages of SugarSugar, I dare ya!

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Sugar Baby’s Babies Do Not Belong!

Attention sugar daddies and fellow sugar babies, your babies DO NOT belong in your dating profiles with you. What’s so hot about a mom with her baby? Not much, except that it holds weight for more responsibility for a pot SD. Do you know how scary that can be for sugar daddies?

If you post a photo of you and your kid as your main profile pic, you are 95% more likely to be passed over for your equal counterpart who DOES NOT have their child in their profile pic with them. Are those odds enough for your sugar babies to relieve your profiles of those photos? I sure hope so.

I mean, do you want to experience the world of sugar daddy dating or not? If you do, opt for those photos which hone in your own sexy prowess and keep the kid-friendly ones in their proper photo albums or scrap-book. Oh, and if you do “scrap-book”, I wouldn’t tell anyone that.

Now, for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Sugar profiles exposed!! I gathered the most recent sugar babies with kiddie profiles to share with you… so, you’re welcome and enjoy!

Sugar Sugar Profiles Exposed!!

I like to call this one: Welcome to Disturbia.

As a sugar baby looking for a sugar daddy, this pic is all wrong. Cute baby, wrong venue. Not so cute mama, terrible tongue piercing. Got it? Sheesh!

I like to call this one: Monkey See, Mommy Do.

Just because your baby likes you does not mean that sugar daddy will like you, and showing a photo of your baby finding you amusing won’t convince anyone you actually are, amusing that is.

I like to call this one: Nice Tits, Kid.

If you’re going to have your tits out and stuff, and least crop your kid out of your photo, seriously. It really feels strange to ogle your large and in charge breasts only to see your kid in the shot, ew.

I like to call this one: Who’s Your Audience and What Does that Mean?

Think about it, who is looking at your profile? You want another baby daddy, sugar babe? Then go to, then insert fingers into throat and puke because that’s all you got now.

I like to call this one: Who’s Your Daddy?

This one just creeps me out, who is this kid? And what is is mom thinking by putting him out there like this? Oh, and apparently sugar babes are getting older, sugar daddies getting younger.

The thing to think about when choosing photos for your sugar daddy dating escapades is, if I were a sugar daddy, would I find that attractive? Answer: You can never know what it feels like to be a sugar daddy, so your answer is always no. No you would not find that attractive and no you won’t be a sugar daddy anytime soon. Did you want to say “yes” to either? Be sure to check out for more details regarding the dating lifestyle to fit your needs.

I’m jus’ sayin’, eloquently I’m sure.

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Sugar Baby Said What?!?

When you join a sugar daddy dating website, what do you expect to find? The love of your life? A quick and hopefully painless one night stand? No matter the reason, sugar daddies and babies are everywhere. What are you writing in your profile to tell people who you are and what you are looking for? You are very fun and you like to have fun? Here’s what past sugar daddies had to say…

Before There Was Sugar Sugar

Are you aggressive? Do you use strong words to convey what you are looking for? As part of a daily occurrence, I came across some awesome profiles! Amazing photos and words I thought I’d share with you. They are WHAT NOT TO DO– thanks for letting me get that out, no more caps, I promise. The following profile excerpts are what not to do and why: (Oh, and to turn this blog into a drinking game, every time someone says “fun“– you must take a drink… I promise the article will be funnier too)

NSA Sugar Daddy John

“Bought out by major auto company. Got a part time job for fun. Like golf, skating ,keeping busy. Not a fat ass or pervert or wierdo, just a little shy I guess. I’m thinkin’ maybe drop by or get together a couple times a month or so. 100 bucks an hour for an hour , maybe 2. Have a cocktail, fool around, a little sex, fun and then just go on your way.”

Wow, what a romantic…

That’s Basically It Sugar Baby

“I Love to sing, dance and Laugh and have fun ;) … I also like fashion & switching up my hair styles.. Last But Not Least I’m a Certifed Phlebotomist.. And that’s Basically it..”

That’s basically it? Well, that’s not very interesting. What is going on with this sugar baby’s photo? That may be the ultimate in unflattering photo angles.

Sugar Baby Means Business

“.people say i look like Julia styles, funny we share the same birth date shes 3 years older yet no relation. small world huh. I am going to be blunt cuz its what i do best …..i need to get on my own two feet and i need some help getting there. I am smart and cut through bullshit like a hot knife through butter. I can be your best friend or your worst enemy but i stand my ground and do what i need to do to survive. I am looking for a plutonic financial helper…the rewards are great  i am a great dinner guest fun and someone to spend time with ….if your looking for fun and someone to fuck wrong gal not into it for this not going to happen. I need a temporary helper one whome can get me where i need to be, i am a great companion and will have you on the floor laughing if you have a good sence of humor. Ill say it like this the economy sucks, and i need help to get what i need done done. i need a helper whose willing to pay me for my time….not services i will not sell my body my mind or soul its already taken. i need a temp arrangement where its plutonic and mutually agreed. what i am willing to offer in return for money is the following. a plutonic dinner guest for fun, a house sitter/cleaner. someone who can make you laugh and smile and be everything you want in a girl , just no sex no action sorry gentleman with all do respect i prize my body and its not up for sale.”

I’m glad she’s looking for a plutonic helper, a temp plutonic helper, a temp arrangement. Just don’t fuck with her, or fuck her, either way, she’ll cut you like a hot knife through butter!

Homeless With a Computer and a Plan

“got out a bad relationship ex beat me and wouldn’t let me have anything so am on the streets with nothing and no money.”

Ahem– and a baby?!? I’m speechless.

Brunette Sugar Baby Wants

This came straight from the horses mouth:

“iam a simple girl smart ,comique ,romantic and very honest

and i love people

i can do my best for help people and have fun


alot of things and i dont want describe it

im a brunette who likes to have funn and i can b a real bitch if you cross me

call me when needed  have fun pay me n never forget ur day”

Does anyone know what’s going on in this photo, what does it even say about this sugar baby? Anyone? Anyone? Yes, it simply states that she doesn’t give a shit and doesn’t want you to either.

No Strings Attached to Anything SB

Oh yeah– that’s a real photo. A really bad photo of a sugar baby… I think.

“NO SEX!!! OF ANY TYPE… I am willing to give my time and effort to make you happy though. so yeah if you are interested in fun email me.
im nice and sweet and kind but can get mean when stepping on my toes… I’m a very lovely woman and a queen and wants to be treated like one!!!”

Another Great Profile

“In my free time, I’m always reading new textbooks (I’m a dork!) or working out and having fun, which I do every weekday. Any other time is spent working as a technician or acting or singing. I’m a natural mezzo-soprano and I love to sing Christmas carols and have fun

Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?”

Nice. Have fun.

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Top 10 Celebrity Sugar Daddies of the Century

Though it may not come as a surprise, older men (particularly those with large bank accounts and disposable incomes), are magnets for young and attractive women – causing them to leave their wives behind– ummm, for a tighter behind.

Even though these men aren’t technically daddies to these young women, they spoil, pamper and indulge them – thus giving them their fashionable title: Sugar Daddies.

Celebrities aren’t exempt from the “robbing the cradle” syndrome. With celebrities like Kelsey Grammer and Charlie Sheen trending their indulgent relationships with women eons younger, top sugar dating website, has compiled a list of the Top 10 Celebrity Sugar Daddies of the Century. From legendary actors to billionaire moguls and mongrels, these men are notorious for their hunger and appetite for young, vivacious females…

Hugh Hefner – The self proclaimed and perpetuated #1 Sugar Daddy of all time, 84 year-old playboy Hugh Hefner has an arsenal and collection of Sugar Babies, all locked away in his mansion.  The mogul (and sometimes mongrel) recently popped the question to 24 year-old Crystal Harris.

Donald Trump – Affectionately known as “The Donald”, but I prefer to calling him, “The Don”, this billionaire is nearly 25 years older than his wife Melania Knauss-Trump. Good thing she doesn’t mind the golden feathers on top!

Charlie Sheen – When you make $1.5 million per episode of Two and a Half Men, you’re able to splurge on things like beautiful young porn stars, drugs, lavish hotel parties with strippers., and more drugs. Just ask the MaSheen, duh- WINNING!

Mick Jagger – World renowned for his large gaping mouth and string of affairs, this rock legend has several children by multiple sugar-baby-baby’s mamas. He still Can’t get no satisfaction?

Tiger Woods – Young to the sugar daddy industry, second to golf. This white-balled superstar is a Sugar Daddy on the rise, recently ending his marriage, paying millions of dollars for it, and coming to a night hot spot near you!

Tiki Barber – Giants football legend, Tiki Barber, left his pregnant wife of 11 years for a much younger and blonder intern at a TV station where he was employed. Messed up his life? Well, he is talking about returning to the grid from retirement..

William Randolph Hearst – Possibly one of the earliest recorded practitioners of the Sugar Daddy movement, this media mogul openly lived with his 21 year-old mistress, hear that? Openly

Woody Allen – Perhaps one of the most notorious Sugar Daddies, this film icon married his *daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, giving Sugar Daddy a more appropriate meaning.*Adopted daughter…but still!

Kelsey Grammer – This TV marvel certainly has a way with women. His engagement to 24 year-old Kate Walsh landed him an offer as spokesperson.

John F. Kennedy – Charming, rich and powerful, it has been reported that this former US President had affairs with numerous young women including White House workers, Gangsters’ girlfriends, staff members, reporters, and Movie stars.

Who is the Sugar Daddy of the Century?

  • John F. Kennedy (29%, 23 Votes)
  • Kelsey Grammer (14%, 11 Votes)
  • Woody Allen (4%, 3 Votes)
  • William Randolph Hurst (1%, 1 Votes)
  • Tiki Barber (6%, 5 Votes)
  • Tiger Woods (11%, 9 Votes)
  • Mick Jagger (5%, 4 Votes)
  • Charlie Sheen (8%, 6 Votes)
  • Donald Trump (6%, 5 Votes)
  • Hugh Hefner (16%, 13 Votes)

Total Voters: 80

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Sugar Babies Gone Wild!!!
Spring Break Edition

As sexy sugar baby co-eds know, Spring Break means one thing, PARTY!!

Looking to do something special for your sugar baby du jour on her Spring Break? Take it from me, your sexy co-ed wants a wee-bit more than a dinner out to satisfy her carnal, (scratch that), expensive and peculiar needs.

I have one question for you wannabe sugar daddies:

Do you have what it takes?

Review this checklist to see if you are ready to show your co-ed the time of her life for Spring Break!!

Do you plan on, or are you currently (for the week of Spring Break):

  • Equipped. Having enough dough to line the inside of, and fill your Bentley (or Chrysler equivalent)
  • Able to possess the energy and ability to go at it, in the bedroom or otherwise– All night, all day, or not at all, (if your sugar baby co-ed refrains from being anywhere near your *old saggy balls)
  • Taking time out of your big-boy work schedule to cater to the unwavering needs of your attention-starved sugar baby for one whole week
  • Unattached. Or at least unattached enough to turn off your electronic device, the one fielding calls from your wife or worse, other women. If you’ve never experienced jealousy from a sugar baby co-ed, now is not the time. Trust me…
  • In-shape, or have the appearance of being in-shape. Co-eds can talk a mile a minute, walk a mile a minute, and shop even faster– You’re gonna want to keep up!
  • Have an emergency fund and escape route planned. You don’t want to be left high and dry if your co-ed turns out to be a vicious monster cloaked in candy-coated sexiness
  • Cool and confident. Desperation doesn’t look good on you either, sugar daddy! If you aren’t confident in yourself as a man, then pretend, please, for the love of God. Seasoned sugar babies, co-ed or not, can sense insecurity like they can spot  a juicy couture track-suit.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get to the good stuff

What to do with your sexy sugar baby during Spring Break is purely up to you. Lost for ideas? Here are a few which have been beta-tested and approved by other sugar babies:

  • Role-play. Install dungeon-like apparatuses and lock her up in your mansion as your slave. Feed her what you want, when you want, and make sex with her when she least expects it. When your done, throw her a bone and take her shopping for being a good sport.
  • Get away. Take your sexy co-ed to her favorite exotic location or your favorite quiet one. Creep out or impress your sugar baby with your magic boy scout skills. Whittle a handbag out of a stump or hunt to kill a dozen Meerkats for a shrug, not an elephant for sport, (death in the name of fashion can be seen as couth).
  • Sunbathe. Beach abode or pool-side retreat, sexy co-eds worship the sun, now it’s time for them to worship you! Provide your sexy co-ed with a sunny-side up break and she’ll bask in the glory of being 10 shades darker than all her friends.
  • Mexico. What happens there, stays there, everyone knows that! Use the tool of discretion to your advantage by taking advantage, AND spend much less money shopping, (you can still impress your sugar baby by dropping millions of pesos)

You are armed with the knowledge of how to show your sexy co-ed sugar baby a great time during spring break while avoiding common mistakes other sugar daddies make.

Build it and they will cum.

Like magic grow toys being 6000x their size with water, watch your sugar baby do the same with monetary gifts!

Set the stage for a sugar baby to succeed and she will go wild!!

Actual gifts from our Sugar Daddies

  • Sugar Daddy giftTooSpoiled writes: Diamond watch from Mr. World Traveler.
  • Sugar Daddy giftSugarCookie writes: Christmas present from my sugar daddy, a diamond tennis bracelet with diamond earrings.
  • Sugar Daddy giftLatinMama writes: My first sugar baby purchase, Gucci Purse!
  • Sugar Daddy giftHotbod writes: I love Birthday's, Louis Vuitton and purse from Mr. Beemer.
  • Sugar Daddy giftChocolatelove writes: One of my many shopping sprees with my sugar daddy, Christian Louboutin and a diamond necklace.
  • Sugar Daddy giftSweetness69 writes: All I have to say is I love being a sugar baby!

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